Are you trying to find quality YouTube guitar lessons?

That’s easier said than done because there are thousands of channels dedicated to one of the world’s most popular instruments. It can be difficult to discern the best from the trash but don’t worry!

We’re here to help you find the best YouTube teachers for your level of guitar playing. They’re all free and available at a touch of your fingertips.

If YouTube doesn’t work for you, check out our guide on in person guitar lessons.  

Why YouTube?

If you want to find quality guitar lessons but also want to save money, YouTube is an amazing resource. These teachers are dedicated to their craft and offer fantastic content.

Learning from a teacher in person is great when it works. But if you don’t develop a positive dynamic, it will be a waste of money and a miserable experience.

The advantage of YouTube is that there are lessons and guides for all levels of ability. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or what genre you play; you’re bound to find something suitable.

Check out our guide below!

1. Andy Guitar

We Have Found the Best Guitar Teachers on YouTube 23

Andy Crowley has built up a loyal following on YouTube with almost two million subscribers.

He is one of the most experienced teachers on the channel. He began uploading videos in 2009. Meanwhile, he’s also the proud creator of the most-watched guitar lesson ever on YouTube.

His video ‘Play 10 Songs with 2 chords’ has received almost half a million hits since 2017.

The reason behind his popularity is his laidback and accessible style. A lot of guitar teachers say that their lessons suit beginners, but this isn’t always true. He is legitimate and spends a lot of time dealing with the frustrations that new guitar players face.

Andy Guitar’s core lessons are excellent. Meanwhile, he also teaches his followers how to play individual songs from across all genres. He has covered artists as disparate as Olivia Rodrigo, The Rolling Stones, and Maneskin, so there is surely something for everybody.

2. Justin Guitar

Another extremely popular YouTube teacher, Justin Sandercoe, takes a slightly different approach. He offers his viewers three levels of lessons.

His foundation course for beginners is completely free and one of the best on the internet. It’s perfect for anybody who has never held a guitar before and doesn’t know where to start. All of his lessons are subtitled so that they’re easy to follow.

Justin deals with all of the basics, from open chords to music theory. But he keeps everything accessible so that it doesn’t become overwhelming or boring.

Meanwhile, he also has an intermediate course which offers many benefits. Amongst many things, he teaches how to bend strings, advanced techniques, and different barre chords. Once again, this course is free.

You also have the option to buy supplementary software from his website.

Finally, he teaches style modules. These focus on different genres like fingerstyle folk, blues lead, and some rock.

3. Marty Music

We Have Found the Best Guitar Teachers on YouTube 24

Marty Schwartz offers less structured YouTube content than Andy or Justin Guitar. But he’s still a great guitar teacher in his own right. Unlike the two previous instructors, he doesn’t create beginner lesson plans. However, that’s fine because it’s not his niche.

Marty Music is a great resource to help you learn how to play individual songs. He teaches tricks and gives tips that can even help more advanced guitarists. If you want to go deeper into theory, he does sell DVDs from his website.

If you’re an absolute beginner, Marty Music isn’t for you.

But when you become comfortable with the basics, Schwartz can help you take your guitar-playing to the next level.

4. The Art of Guitar

Mike G is a guitar instructor with over 25 years of experience.

He’s poured his knowledge into his online program and YouTube channel. While the former requires a subscription, his YouTube content is free.

This is different from the previous channels because it’s not about conventional lessons.

The Art of Guitar focuses on unique details from popular rock songs. He also teaches how to emulate the styles of iconic guitarists like Brian May and Kurt Cobain. These videos will help you refine and enhance your technique.

The YouTube version of The Art of Guitar isn’t for beginners. But if you like Mike’s personality and teaching style, it may encourage you to sign up for his learning platform.

5. Samuraiguitarist

We Have Found the Best Guitar Teachers on YouTube 25

Closing in on one million subscribers, this is a fun and vibrant channel.

Steve Onotera is the instructor behind Samuraiguitarist and has built up a strong following. Most of the videos are only about ten minutes long. These bite-sized chunks are great for learning new tricks and tips.

Apart from these, Onotera also tests and compares guitar accessories. He tries to expose some of the myths around the instrument and also covers songs. Also, he delves into the lives of individual artists.

Onotera’s channel is less focused than the first two on this list, but his winning personality may draw you in. Some people may think it’s a bit too focused on entertainment, but this is a question of personal taste.

Final Thoughts

While YouTube channels are great, and can get you a long way, if you really want to learn quickly a small investment in lessons from reputable online courses such as Guitar Tricks is well worth it. (even experienced guitarists will still reference the course materials.)

There are so many guitar teachers on YouTube, so you’re bound to find one that works for you. Personality is important because that’s what will make you subscribe and keep you coming back.

It’s worth remembering that all of these instructors also offer learning programs. If you like their free YouTube content, the next step may be to sign up for their paid plans. This will ensure you take your guitar playing to the next level.

Justin and Andy Guitar are the best teachers for beginners because they offer basic lessons that are easy to follow. However, the other teachers are great at helping you refine your skills.

Don’t forget to pause the videos and practice. Everybody can watch a video, but the only way to play the guitar is to pick it up!