Come to Your Senses Sheet Music

Come to Your Senses | Amy Spanger

  • KEY: C Minor
  • Voice, range: Ab3-C5 + Piano
  • Tempo: Rock Ballad
  • Date: 2001
  • Metronome: q = 96
  • Composed by: Amy Spanger

Amy Spanger – Come to Your Senses is a delightful easy piano song that you may enjoy knowing. Perhaps you have always wanted to play this song and never could find a way.  I felt it necessary that I bring this song to your musician’s spirit today and with my help you can easily play this musical masterpiece.

Come to Your Senses Sheet Music: This 2001 song by Amy Spanger was originally published in the key C Minor the tune tempo is to be played as a Rock Ballad with a metronome of q = 96.

Lyrics begin: You’re on the air, I’m underground
Instruments: Voice, range: Ab3-C5 + Piano

Amy Spanger -Come To Your Senses

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